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Who Are We

Brikley, the big locker manufacturer in china, is now bringing their twenty years of locker-building experience to the Phenolic Locker market. Phenolic Lockers are typically called for in projects including aquatic centers and recreation centers - locations where rugged use and high levels of moisture are anticipated. Brikely takes this a step further, introducing Phenolic Lockers that are as attractive as they are strong.

"If we do anything, we just want to do it better. When we design something, we always do it with the customer in mind. This market demands durability, but they still want lockers to look attractive," said Feng Sun, Brikley's Executive Vice President.

Brikley has spent a year of research and development, resulting in Phenolic Lockers that exceed the industry standard for durability, but with some important key aesthetic differences. The Brikley line uses concealed hinges with no hardware visible on the front of the locker. Phenolic is a solid product so that door edges are not covered. Brikley utilizes a blunt edge cut to minimize the contrast from the inner core. (Previous standard was to use rounded edges which showed as black stripes between each locker.) To accentuate the smooth finish of their Phenolic Lockers, Brikley has drawn on their unique position as the nation's big locker manufacturer to select a line of phenolic colors and patterns that represents emerging industry design trends from across the locker industry.

All Brikley Phenolic Lockers are built to order at their 150,00 square meters manufacturing plant in China. Production is now underway on phenolic, as well as their other lines including raw phenolic panel material, phenolic tables, phenolic toilet partition, phenolic wall cladding.

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