L Type HPL Lockers, single or multi-story lockers for dirty/clean things, plus several types of locks. The choice is wide, but what do you choose?

Depending on the destination we always have a few choices to choose from; see what we offer to our customers.

The most common mode of responsibility for sports facilities such as fitness clubs is the “B” type phenolic locker, which is “one on the other”; it is the best solution for cost and space.
The second popular unit is the storage locker, which performs the buffering function and the so-called fast access cabinet. This locker is usually located near the reception.

Phenolic Lockers

Employees are not responsible for compliance with the standards applicable to the industry in which the company operates. Phenolic Lockers in food processing plants and the automotive industry will not be the same. Currently, the most popular is the single-section locker, which is equipped with a pair of dirty and clean clothes. Of course, if you don’t need to divide it into dirty/clean things, don’t forget the use of L lockers; they are ideal when it comes to saving space.

Compact Laminate Lockers that are common in the workplace are food cabinets or shoe cabinets.

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